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Title: Ten Aprils
Author: busaikko
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: All belong to JKR, none belong to me
Warnings: Reference (mostly off-screen) to some or all of the following: Character death, rape, torture, abuse, abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, and unscrupulous experimentation. MPreg.
Summary: Severus must find a way for Harry to defeat Voldemort. Remus must find a way for Severus to free himself from the past. Written for the 2006 Lupin-Snape Fantasy Fest for The Senjou, who wanted mpreg, R upwards, black humour, Remus is preggers, suffers through pregnancy, Severus easing him through the whole experience in fluffy and kinky ways, I think there should be some fruit cake involved somewhere
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the wizarding fathers' guide to difficult conversations… "you and your child of male pregnancy!"

Title: The Wizarding Fathers' Guide to Difficult Conversations (revised edition), Chapter 14: "You and Your Child of Male Pregnancy!"
Author: busaikko
Summary: joanaseta asked for "after Ten Aprils: Erasmus and adolescence". . . and it just so happened that I had written the very thing a few days ago. Kismet!
Rating: PG
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