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mr woolsey's guide to etiquette in the pegasus galaxy

Mr Woolsey's Guide to Etiquette in the Pegasus Galaxy
Author: busaikko
Rating: R
Pairing: Sheppard/Woolsey
Beta: auburnnothenna, who, despite threatening me with her riding crop, *added* a semicolon ♥
Summary: Practical examples of etiquette essential for survival in the Pegasus Galaxy.
A/N: My thanks to the inspirational Emily Post website. Yikes. Most of this was written before Inquisition, but I added stuff in because if you're going to 'ship the 'ship, you couldn't ask for a more slashtastic ending *g*
Spoilers: The Lost Tribe (specifically, who the tribe are), Inquisition (not so much that I spoil this episode, as that you'll have to take me on faith about things like the Genii military aspirations if you've not seen it.)

Woolsey: "The rules are there for a reason, Colonel. If I can't trust them, then I'm not sure I can do this job."
Sheppard: "Welcome to the Pegasus Galaxy."
(The Seed)

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