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Sirius raises baby Harry, with help from Remus

consider the lotus

Author: busaikko
Rating: R
Warnings: crude intimate medical procedures
Beta: The lovely harriet_black–much appreciated!
Summary: Part the First: A Prank Gone Wrong (wherein there are insults and curses). Part the Second: Where Werewolves Go (wherein it is not pleasant for Our Heroes). Part the Third: Charming Gentlemen (wherein Our Heroes don't get their just dessert because of an owl on it, but sweet nonetheless). Yes, busaikko has been re-reading Freckles….
Series: The Maddest House: follows Seduction and Seduction (the Mrs Lupin Remix).
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seduction (the mrs lupin remix)

Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter / RLSB
Rating: PG13 for talk about sex, some language
Warnings: none
Beta: harriet_black is a total angel!
Summary: An off-stage kiss and two lectures. Follows 'Seduction', but can be read independently. Reading them back-to-back makes me laugh, though.
A/N: This is another backstory for The Maddest House. It doesn’t have much in the way of plot, just lots of talking and some painting. Don’t know why I keep posting these, really: the fingers just have to type….
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Pairing(s): RL/SB
Rating: PG-13 for talk about sex
Warning(s): smoking
Beta: thecatgoesmoo did a super speedy next-day job!
Summary: Remus Lupin gives his boy the sex talk. Well. A sex talk. He talks. About sex. But it turns out to be about something else.
ETA: kasche drew the most gorgeous picture for me for the 2005 Shacking Up Secret Santa. * wipes away tears of awe *
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