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the history of pornography

Title: The History of Pornography
Rating: R
Summary: Remus/Sirius and shared tequila (for nekare; steak, the history of pornography, and elephants (for hydrogen2oxygen; and parrot (for glass_icarus. I've no idea if Just a Minute is ever used as a drinking game (busaikko is a teetotaller), but it would make a lovely one. Remus' speech does read for one minute, exactly, if anyone cares about these things!
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the last applicant

Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Title: The Last Applicant
Rating: G as G can be
Prompt: As a birthday gift/prank James puts an ad on the board of all houses saying that Remus is looking for a date for the next Hogsmeade visit to celebrate his 17th birthday. Remus finds out that he has quite a few admirers, and Sirius is not amused (for _deia). There was no way all of that would fit in a drabble. 550 words.
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consider the lotus

Author: busaikko
Rating: R
Warnings: crude intimate medical procedures
Beta: The lovely harriet_black–much appreciated!
Summary: Part the First: A Prank Gone Wrong (wherein there are insults and curses). Part the Second: Where Werewolves Go (wherein it is not pleasant for Our Heroes). Part the Third: Charming Gentlemen (wherein Our Heroes don't get their just dessert because of an owl on it, but sweet nonetheless). Yes, busaikko has been re-reading Freckles….
Series: The Maddest House: follows Seduction and Seduction (the Mrs Lupin Remix).
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