after the wedding

Title: After the wedding
Author: busaikko
Fandom / pairing: Harry Potter / SBP?
Rating: NC17
Warnings: OMG I wrote het?
Summary: 2 100-word drabbles on misplaced revenge twice over.

100 words
He discovered the right keys to unlock her; he had to learn a new language and make himself a temptation of wealthy aristocracy. The peach sweater set was a challenge, as was the intricately shellacked auburn hair. But now he was here, lace-stocking thighs around his hips, cherry-pit nipples catching in the hair on his chest, that long, long neck arching and begging to be licked its length; and as he dragged his cock out and thrust it home again, those brilliant green eyes fluttered shut, and he thought of James. And he thought he was fucking his own downfall.

100 words
It was heaven before the red-head: four boys together forever. Now they were irreparably broken, just as he broke the red-head beneath him. Manicured nails clawed his back; he bit her; with sweat and blood and come it was done.

“Petunia,” he said, sitting back. “Three little words, darling.” His smile was charming; he shook his head. “You fucking slut.”

How could he have seen the future that unrolled from that bed of ruination, the hatred and violence, locked closets and even more inaccessible hearts? How could he have known that James’ child would bear the weight of his revenge?

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