this could be the start of something… (oral hygiene mix)

Title: This could be the start of something… (oral hygiene mix)
Rating: PG
Summary: Remus/Harry first date for reddwarfer. Non-magic AU crack. 100 words.

"There's just something… different about you, Harry," Remus said, and Harry grinned.

"You're shameless. I bet you say that to all your dental hygienists." Harry swung the tray of tools out of the way and pressed the lever, raising the chair.

"Only the sexy ones," Remus said earnestly.

"That sounds a lot better when you're not wearing a paper-towel bib," Harry said, leaning over to remove it. "Rinse and spit." He stood, collecting Remus' folder.

Remus caught at Harry's sleeve. "Come to dinner with me. I'm putting on weight from all the sweets I consume in hopes of developing cavities so I can see you more than once every six months."

Harry's eyebrows rose, disappearing under the dark hair he wore long to cover the scar on his forehead. "That's definitely the worst pick-up line I've ever heard."

"Good," Remus said, standing and gazing straight into Harry's eyes. "Hopefully you'll feel sorry enough for me that you'll let me pick you up at six Friday night."

"I don't get off work until seven," Harry said automatically. Remus smiled and leant over to kiss Harry lightly on the cheek.

"Seven it is, then," he said, and Harry found himself smiling back.

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