beyond the veil; or, sirius in yaoi-land

Title: Beyond the Veil; or, Sirius in Yaoiland
Rating: R
Summary: Remus/Sirius: "the Veil and Alice in Wonderland. Or it can be Spirited Away. Or The Cat Returns. One of those." for joanaseta Heh–or, all of those! 280 words

Sirius didn't mind the apron or the tight short shorts, or even the way they cut his hair so that it fell into his eyes, but when they tried to get him to wear cat's ears and a tail he growled.

"It's on the King's orders," the slender young man in the thigh-high vinyl boots said, sweeping back a fall of chestnut hair from exquisite cheekbones. "Either you serve the King's perverse sexual whims or it's off to the Queen's bath-houses with you."

Sirius would have been happier with something under his happi–it would have kept his arse from being groped by stray tentacles–but it wasn't a bad life. Scrubbing out the enormous baths was backbreaking but oddly satisfying. After the initial distrust of him as a human, he managed to make friends with some of his co-workers, although they were an odd lot, always taking things the wrong way, lying to each other, having terrible fights, and then settling all their problems with very loud bouts of sex. He kept his head down when the Queen swept through on inspections and learnt to avoid her spies. He didn't know how long it had been since he fell through the veil.

"Once you have sex you can never go back," Ryuta said, eyes old in an eternally young face. "I forgot my lover's name, and then the Queen caught me. Try and remember."

Sirius stared out over the watery void. This world was in perpetual twilight, the sky empty of sun, stars, clouds… moon. "Moony," Sirius said, and then the face came to him. "Remus."

And he was falling through the archway again, this time out into freedom.

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