I don't think I'm a *good* vidder. I'm not even sure I qualify as a 'vidder'. One reason for this is, I think, economic: I work on a slow computer, and my vidding program is freebie Windows Movie Maker, which is as close to the Spawn of Satan as a computer program can get (it, literally, no exaggeration, crashes every five minutes; arbitrarily resizes clips; refuses to let me watch from the *middle* of a timeline; and sticks crap in the final vid that wasn't in the preview…). I also use my scrapbooking program and PhotoStudio for some of my more spectacular (i.e. LOW-TECH) stop-action special effects (read, 'smooshing lots of pictures together in sequence'). If I had a great computer and a kickass program, then who knows? (er: actually, I know… my lack of talent would just shine through *sighs*) /whinging

I make vids because I get these ideas and I want other people to see them. I'm a writer: I like to combine writing and vid, tell stories, manipulate your feelings, make you see things that aren't there. I have a cracky sense of humour: I like to vid crack. I get these visions in my head: I should probably have therapy, but instead I find myself locking horns with the Spawn of Satan, trying to figure out how to make a vid with a female John Sheppard.

That said, why would you want to download any of these vids? *shrugs* Watch the stuff below to take me for a test spin (ooh, baby!). If you feel like you want to get to know my twisted mind better, well. Whatever floats your boat!

Vids are hosted as ZIP files on divShare unless otherwise noted. You will have to look at advertisements, I'm afraid, but as far as I know they're not the skanky kind. Let me know if they are….


A Howling in the Factory Yard (christiansands) (.avi = 17.65 MB), (.wmv = 29.36 MB) (both non-ZIP) (SG1, AU, fanvid for Synecdochic's Broken Wings Book 2: A Howling in the Factory Yard; Cameron Mitchell/J.D. Nielson (clone!Jack); song is Christiansands by Tricky feat. Martina Topley Bird). *Please* read the story first, I'd hate to spoil you. Um, warnings: this is a very eye-centric video, if that squicks you, beware; there is adult content where it's pretty obvious what's going on, so: not work-safe!; implied dubcon/noncon, torture. Footage from SG1 (Fragile Balance, The Abyss, Avalon, Continuum), Supernatural, Sabre and Zeph. No idea why divShare is not streaming this *shrugs the shrug of the technobaffled*


Stay With Me (SGA, John Sheppard; song is Shakespeare's Sister, Stay With Me) 27.32MB. I like the way I used canon's moving camera angles, and the way good!John and bad!John are on the right and left…. Join the 4,000 people who watched this on YouTube! (It was, like, a mega-hit in Japan because I tagged it for Doppelganger and people thought I was, like, posting the episode. I was a real popular girl… for a day…)

Let's Talk About McShep (SGA, McKay/Sheppard; song is Rodney Crowell's Why Don't We Talk About It… yeah, yeah, country, live with it) 27.45MB. Another vid that combines with storytelling (via dialogue). Over 10,000 people on YouTube have watched this video! It's dead popular! (Sixth most popular YouTube vid with the McShep tag!) Either that, or people just keep getting misdirected in my direction….

McShep's Theme (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, Christopher Cross's Arthur's Theme). I cannot *believe* that fandom was not ALL OVER this song after S5 'The Shrine'. Arthur! It's *canon*! Very cracky vid with cheesy slow-mo effects (my favourite is the Sheppard slide-and-kick AND Rodney arms-of-squirrel! clip. It cracks me up every time *why yes, I am a cheap date*).

Beautiful Wreck (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, song is Shawn Mullins's Beautiful Wreck *yes! country again! cackles!*). All about the Rodney-whump; John POV. Because Last Man made me all sniffly…. YouTube link is here.

The Great Escape (SGA, John Shepaprd gen (and featuring mother-of-John POV), song is Moby feat. Azure Ray The Great Escape). After watching S5 Remnants and reading in some-writer-or-another's blog that part of the John!angst was supposed to be him regretting what happened with his mother (eh?), I felt inspired to dish up a mother's-eye-view of John's various antics. Much violence, pain, suffering. I really like this vid. It makes me all sniffly and sad. Uses footage from Family Album and personal photo.

Bird Girl (SGA, based on my story 100 Happy Things, non-Stargate AU, Jona/Rodney; song is Bird Gehrl by Antony and the Johnsons). I really wanted to make this vid, but finding appropriate footage was a challenge. In the end I manipped screencaps of Joe Flanigan from Providence. Additional footage from The Sentinel and Whiskey Echo. Possibly my favourite of all my vids (second runner is Great Escape).


Daniel (SG1, Jack/Daniel, Tortoise and Bonny Prince Billy (Will Oldham)'s cover of Elton John's Daniel). Available on YouTube only right now. I got a lot of sympathy on how degraded a lot of the clips were. Um. Actually, I did that on purpose, to match the music (and to cover over how crappy my collection of SG1 vid files was). OK, it's pretty much made of fail. But the song is good!


Ring the Alarm (dueSouth, Fraser/Kowalski, song is Beyonce's Ring the Alarm). So what happened was, I was watching a lot of episodes while writing fanfic, and all these women! Lusting after Fraser! Making out with Fraser! My poor little slashy heart couldn't take it, I had to make a jealous!betrayed!Ray vid. And yeah, yeah, Beyonce, but: music with air raid sirens just makes my knees go weak. Mmm! YouTube link.

Bankrobbery (dueSouth, gen, song is EAV's Bankrobbery, English version). Guns, I go to thinking about guns, and all the many, many bankrobberies in dueSouth, and the two sides of desperation and law, and how thin the line between them can be when you're down and out, how easy it can be to cross over. . . especially when it's not just about money, when there's also that emotional hunger as well as physical hunger. (There *is* filler here, I admit it, and the narrative isn't great: I was young, I didn't know that I ought to be shortening the song, sue me). Spoilers for Victoria's Secret. Guns. Violence. Ends With A Moral!

Shoebox Project (Harry Potter fanfic)

So Sirius (Harry Potter/Shoebox Project, Remus/Sirius, song is ELO's So Serious). The Shoebox Project is *the* seminal Remus/Sirius fic that *every* shipper has read (I'd link you, but it just got hacked: you're probably better off with Google). And the thing is, it's illustrated. And at one point in my life I owned every record by ELO. So… this happened. Yes, it is a vid of pencil illustrations from the fic. And the very first vid I ever made. And it was shown at VividCon for reasons I'm not really sure of (I like to think that the sheer, utter, amazing LOW-TECHNESS of it boggled minds). There are now several Shoebox Project vids on YouTube. I was first! (may not be best, but was first!) And over 10,000 people have wandered my way. Hiya, 10,000 people!

Twitch City

Crazy for Newbie (Twitch City, Newbie (with a side of Newbie/Curtis), song is Gnarls Barkley's Crazy). Just a total Callum-is-so-hot kind of vid *g* Twitch City, I discovered, uses fades (or whatever the technical word for it is) between all scenes, which made it *hell* to make clips from. Grr. Twitch City was such a pretty show, I watch this vid just to marvel at the prettiness….

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