HP the maddest house series (Remus/Sirius)

These are the links for The Maddest House series. I wrote this in 2005, and I still love it (sorry: is it fatheaded to say that? Sorry!)

Remus and Sirius in their Hogwarts days… growing up….

Seduction: Sex can mean nothing, or everything.
Seduction (the Mrs Lupin Remix): Sirius has a very awkward conversation.
Consider the Lotus: what it means to be a werewolf.

The Maddest House

The Maddest House: After the events of Halloween 1981, Sirius Black finds himself raising Harry, with the assistance of Remus, in a world where Voldemort never disappears for 11 years.
Author's Notes
the maddest house cookbook

Snippet from the happily-Ever-After
Happy Maddest House Birthday

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