HP R & D series (Remus/Severus)

These are the chronological links for the R&D (Research and Development) series. As you can see, I've been writing the series for several years. There are things that I could change now about the earlier stories… but I probably won't (do let me know about glaring typos and formatting stuff, though!) because I am basically lazy. Apologies!

Summer 1998
Remus knows something about the potion Severus is testing on himself that Severus doesn't know….Werewolf Sought!
Immediately after R&D
Newspaper clipping

Autumn 2000 Ginny m. Alastor Moody

late March 2001 – a few weeks later
Remus is found.

The Waltz Continues
April 2001- October 2001 (R imprisoned Dec 1999 to late March 2001) (May 2000 the war ends)
Remus is found after having gone missing during the war, and Severus undertakes his rehabilitation. Remus is 41 years old and visually impaired. Oct Ginny and A.M. expecting

August 2002 Ginny's first child born

Every Burning Kiss We Give
Late Summer 2003
Remus loses all vision. Severus loses a house.

Late Summer 2003
Picking up the pieces

Following Me and Mine
Late Autumn 2003
A trip to the beach.

Spring 2004
Playing with feathers (still in the tent)

Summer 2004
The new house is built

To Love Another Person
Valentine's Day 2006

The Bad Year
Summer 2009-Spring 2010
Adultery and its aftermath

2011 Percy adopts Penelope (Nell) b 2011

Drabble: It's You
Winter 2012
Love is in the air

Before, During, and After
Spring 2013
First comes love, then comes…. Both would be 53 y.o., living together since 2001 therefore 12 years (-1)

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