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ring of fire (nails driven through the steel)

Title: Ring of Fire (Nails Driven Through the Steel) (5,700 words)
Author: busaikko
Betas: argosy and beckaandzac, who are angels ♥
Rating: NC17
Sequel to: kyuuketsukirui's fantastic McShep McMatch McStory, Life (Sometimes It Washes Over Me).
Summary: AU (established in original story, which ended c. 1983 when John was 15 and Rodney 14… FYI). "Hey, Rodney," John says, and Rodney says, "I have to see you right now." And it turns out that they're only about ten minutes away from each other. Ten minutes and ten years.
A/N: This is an AU of an AU, a fanfic of a fanfic. No offence is meant to kyuuketsukirui, nor do I mean to imply that this is where she meant her characters to end up. Those unfamiliar with Matt Groening's Akbar and Jeff can click here or here.
The Warnings are Spoilers; however, please click here if you need Warnings. I don't want to hurt anyone — some heavy stuff is mentioned, please be aware.
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boys' true confessions

Title: Boys' True Confessions (12,500 words approx.)
Author: busaikko
Pairing: RL/SS
Rating: NC-17
Betas: PMS-squared *hugs*
Summary: (A/U) Myrtle? Went on to sing for the Magic Mambo Moaners. Tom? Not so lucky, poor lad. Charisma – yup. Power – sure. Parselmouth? Oops. It is now 1977 and a strange new world. . . where Remus Lupin and Severus Snape find themselves reluctant roommates at university.
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consider the lotus

Author: busaikko
Rating: R
Warnings: crude intimate medical procedures
Beta: The lovely harriet_black–much appreciated!
Summary: Part the First: A Prank Gone Wrong (wherein there are insults and curses). Part the Second: Where Werewolves Go (wherein it is not pleasant for Our Heroes). Part the Third: Charming Gentlemen (wherein Our Heroes don't get their just dessert because of an owl on it, but sweet nonetheless). Yes, busaikko has been re-reading Freckles….
Series: The Maddest House: follows Seduction and Seduction (the Mrs Lupin Remix).
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